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Lara Perkins

Character Info:
We were introduced to this redhead (played by Lauren Lee Smith) in Season 1. She was Dana Fairbanks' newest crush, and it was yet unknown to the viewers as well as to Dana herself if Lara was gay or straight. As the relationship between Dana and Lara got warmer the viewers learned to love this cute and down-to-earth charachter.

Season 1 Episodes:
- "Let's Do It" (Episode 3)
- "Longing" (Episode 4)
- "Lies, Lies, Lies" (Episode 5)
- "Lawfully" (Episode 6)
- "Losing It" (Episode 7)
- "L'Ennui" (Episode 8)

Season 2 Episodes:
- "Loyal" (Episode 8)
- "L'Chaim" (Episode 12)